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How to translate quick start package

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This article is about translation of our quick start package. We all already know that Joomla supports many languages and although we must use English language in our base Joomla development we should provide translation whenever we can. Files which take part in Joomla translation process, related to system installation, are located in installation -> language folder.



For this article I will use two languages English GB and Polish PL. First have a look at content of en-GB folder:

We are going to make small additions to this file. It is place where you must fill Joomla translation strings with text.

Our translation strings are: INSTL_SAMPLE_DATA_CLEANPRO_SET for text which appears during Joomla installtion when we are about to select which sample data to install ( first image of this article ). The name of this translation string is based on our sql sample data file. In my case it is sample_data_cleanpro.sql ( location: installation/sql/mysql ). Second translation string is used to make translation of label which appears during mouse hover. At this point we are done with English. translation to another language is rather simple ( if you know one ). I demonstrate translation to Polish. For this we need to edit file located inside pl-PL folder.

As you can see, we are using the same translation strings. We simply translate it into our language. I don't have Polish language available on my computer, so small problem with fonts, but everything is perfectly understandable. Quick look at the installation

We need to select Polish language to see our translation

Whole website has changed language and we see our translation in place. If we hover mouse over this string popup label appears with translated text.

This is it. Thanks for your time. I hope this article has helped you a bit. Joomla is fantastic content management system, truly international which supports many languages.


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