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Text Logo - Site Slogan

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In this article I would like to share how to implement gantry feature to create text logo or site slogan. It is somehow missing from gantry framework, but easy to achieve

We can do it in two ways. First is custom html module and style it with css. Advantage is that we control on which pages it appears via module manager. Disadvantage is that it doesn't look professional if we intend to distribute our template. Gantry framework implemented something which is between hard coding into template and modules. Rokettheme guys call it "Feature". If we want to override particular built-in gantry feature we must copy wanted file from YourJoomlaWebsite/libraries/gantry/features


into your own template ../templates/yourTemplate/features. You also can implement your own feature.This screen shot is from default gantry template from RocketTheme Launcher on my localhost development server

In that folder I placed my feature file called textlogo.php. If you are working on your localhost and something doesn't work, makec sure you have right file permissions.

This feature basically takes text from template-options.xml and displays it in required position. We can add custom classes to make our styling easier ( yes you need to style it a bit ! ). We want to make it configurable by gantry template panel.

Because it is hard to predict color palette chosen by end user I decided to add font color and color which changes on hover. After all it is linked to home of our website. Because of these settings we must edit styledeclaration.php file and add:

to GantryFeatureStyleDeclaration class to variable $lessVariables ( start line about 32 ). We can name our variables whatever we want and use it in LESS file. In my example, your will look differently:

Of course we shouldn't forget to clear gantry cache and reload Template configuration panel. At the end we should see:

I hope you have found this article helpful. Thanks for your time.

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